Michael’s top ten films

I’ve shown most of these films in the First Wednesday evening of the month film program. I’m partial to well-crafted films of battered dignity and hard struggle. – M.D.

Vidas Secas (Brazil, 1963)
Nelson Pereira dos Santos, director
truly the wretched of the earth


The Tree of Wooden Clogs (Italy, 1978)
Ermanno Olmi, director
faith and a hard life

ArmyOfShadows1Army of Shadows (France, 1969)
Jean-Pierre Melville, director
terror and heroism

RomeOpenCity1Rome: Open City (Italy, 1945)
Roberto Rossellini, director
torture and heroism 

TokyoStory1Tokyo Story (Japan, 1953)
Yasujiro Ozu, director
parental disappointment, luminous Setsuko Hara

SevenSamurai5Seven Samurai (Japan, 1954)
Akira Kurosawa, director
warriors and peasants

PatherPanchali1Pather Panchali (India, 1955)
Satyajit Ray, director
poverty and dignity


A Time to Live, A Time to Die (Taiwan, 1985)
Hou Hsiao-hsien, director
you can’t go home again

Casablanca1Casablanca (U.S., 1943)
Michael Curtiz, director
Here’s looking at you, kid.

GrapesOfWrath1Grapes of Wrath (U.S., 1940)
John Ford, director
wherever there’s a fight, so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there



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